St. Michael the Archangel

St. Michael History

“Let your light shine” [Mat 5:16]

We started as a mission in 1980 and celebrated Divine Liturgy in Khoury’s Rug Cleaning in Mashpee. When we couldn’t get a priest, we conducted a Typica service on Sundays.

In 1998, we were encouraged to move and rented a portion of our building. We were deeply concerned with our growth and survival. The then-Bishop Joseph told us, “Let your light shine, and they will come.” And, they did come.

In 2003 we purchased the building and developed a long-term plan for the future. The first major phase was completed and a handicap ramp was added. In 2009 the second phase was completed as we transformed our basement into our church hall.

Over the past several years our parish has seen the addition of young families with children who will grow to attend our church school, join SOYO, become altar servers, choir members and members of our Parish Council. These future leaders of our church need our foresight and our support to ensure that our church is here for them!

Fr. Nick Manikas Emeritus was serving at St. Michael from 2001 to 2014, and retired in 2015. Fr. Nick Manikas passed away on 8/24/2023. May his memory be eternal.

Fr. Nicholas’ Manickas Sermons

From 2015 to August 2023 Fr. Benjamin Kjendal was the priest at St. Michael Orthodox Church.

Fr. Ben’s Kjendal Sermons