St. Michael the Archangel

Church School

Preschool to 2nd Grade Classby Michelle Moeck
Church School is off to a great start for the new year. We began the year by learning about the Feast of the Elevation of the cross in September with a scavenger hunt. We also learned about the sacraments of Baptism, Chrismation and Communion. In October we started putting together our own personal prayer books, this will be an ongoing project throughout the year. In October we started focusing mainly on Sunday’s Gospel lesson which you can find on the Antiochian Website ( There are additional resources and activities for parents and caregivers under Christian Education. I have been sending each child home with the coloring sheet that accompanies the Gospel lesson and encouraging them to share the Gospel story we read and the lesson they learned with their family. The other focus of church school has been church etiquette and we have been practicing being quiet and still so we can hear God’s voice in church and in everyday life. We learned about the Feast of the Entrance of the Theotokos to the temple on November 21st and then celebrated the feast at Divine Liturgy. We are excited to be preparing for the Nativity Feast and we will spend the month of December learning about the Winter Saints (St Herman, St Lucia and St Nicholas) and of course the Nativity of our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ. I have enjoyed getting to know each of the children in church school and look forward to the rest of the year. We meet every Sunday morning (unless noted otherwise) from Labor Day thru Memorial Day at 9 am in the church hall. We are accepting new enrollments all year long and the registration form can be returned to Kh. Alyssa or myself. We are always excited to welcome new friends!

“Middle” Aged Classby Kh. Alyssa Kjendal
We have a team of teachers – Tara and Mark Philips who are teaching the “middle” aged Church School class. This group of students is divided in two, and each week one group attends class (in the conference room) while the other group attends Orthros. Every other week, they switch. If your child would like to join the group, please fill out the registration form.