St. Michael the Archangel


What is a Narthex?

In the Orthodox Church, the Narthex is the entrance to the sanctuary and represents an opportunity to prepare for our gradual movement into the Nave.

…and Why Do We Need One?

Narthex exterior elevation
Narthex exterior elevation
  • To enhance the liturgical service and eliminate constant interruptions now caused by
    a) Opening the door to the outside exposing the Nave to noise and weather
    b) Entering directly into the Nave from the church hall downstairs.
  • To relieve congestion at the icon veneration, candle/prayer area affording improved traffic flow.
  • To better accommodate the increase in attendance during the summer and holiday seasons.
  • To provide a safe and quiet place to take children when needed.
  • To provide much-needed additional storage space.

Events to benefit the Narthex Project Campaign:

Entering the Narthex from outside
Entering the Narthex from outside

Concept Design
The logic behind it…

  • The roofline was designed to complement the architecture of the building providing an aesthetically pleasing vaulted ceiling which also gives the feeling of a larger space.
  • The entry landing will be safe and protected. It will easily accommodate outdoor liturgical processions providing access from both sides.
  • Careful attention has been paid to repurposing doors, windows and other materials in compliance with town building codes and governance requirements.
  • Traditional Orthodox design elements are reflected in the arches and icons as evidenced in the drawings.
Entrance into the Sanctuary from the Narthex
Entrance into the Sanctuary from the Narthex


  • Generous donations from open-hearted people.
  • YOUR time and talent to serve on committees.
  • Your contacts with friends, relatives, community leaders who can provide expertise, talent, materials and time.
  • Remember us in prayer and spread our news.

Checks should be made payable to

St. Michael the Archangel Church – Narthex

St. Michael the Archangel Orthodox Church
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