White Elephant Boutique & Bake Sale – Thank You!

Thanks to all who baked, manned tables for the sale, donated items, purchased items and to those who fed volunteers: Katya, Julia, Anastasia, Galina, Michelle, Colleen, Anya, Chris, Pauline and her sister Martha, Annie, Natalie, Soraya, Hadley, Aubrey, Aurora, Max, Ben, Alli, Rick, Subdeacon Joe, Fr. James & Kh. Valerie. Thanks to Ana Procopeuco who donated a beautiful handmade wool shawl for the raffle – congratulations to Julia Shanghina Petitt who won this item. Thanks to Pauline Rassias who donated an original oil painting by Cape Cod artist Sandra Sedell – congratulations to Soraya Bandeli who won this item.
Special thanks to Pauline, Chris, Mary, Natalie and Soraya for organizing the tables and pricing all the items during the week leading up to the event. Thanks to Eric Ayoub who drove down from Boston to direct traffic in the rain. To Chris Rassias and Eric for getting our signs in from the rain. Thanks to Judy Crocker and Oscar Crocker for creating our flier and advertising.
GREAT thanks to all who stayed Sunday to help pack everything up and get the hall back in order: Pauline, Chris, Alex, Colleen, Max, Aurora, Michelle, Hadley, Olga, Sophia, Jacob, Rick and Soraya. Thanks to Rick & Soraya who filled their cars with lots of boxes. We have a bit to go. If you can grab a few boxes or fill your truck to take to your local donation center or swop shop, we will be back to normal by Sunday Nov 26.
This was an amazing group effort and we are grateful for all your support. May God bless you all.

St. Michael’s Men’s Group

Last month a group of men from St. Michaels’ gathered together to share a meal at the Olive Garden in Hyannis. Discussed were the future actions of the group, our values, and faith.

At the upcoming White Elephant Boutique & Bake Sale, we will have a table, stop by and say Hello. If you know of anyone that would like to join let one of the members know.