Church School Registration Form 2019-2020

Dear Parents of Church School Children,

Welcome to St. Michael’s Church School, we are excited with the start of a new year. Our classes meet on Sunday mornings before Liturgy at 9:15 AM and are grouped in the three classes, pre-school through elementary, middle school and high school, using Orthodox classroom material. Thus allowing the children to partake in the Liturgy.

We focus on the Orthodox centered classroom material from September to the Nativity, culminating in a Nativity pageant marking the midpoint of our class. For the next half of the year, we focus on the Parish Life Festival theme for the year, which includes a chosen biblical quote, where the children work on age-related projects to support the theme. The younger children work on craft like projects which aid in comprehending and focusing on the theme and the older children work on preparing for oratorical and Bible bowl projects. All these projects are on a voluntary basis where all are encouraged but not forced to participate. And in addition, there is an adult version of the bowl where we, as adults, are encouraged to participate, thus enhancing our knowledge of the Bible. Naturally, we cover the main church festivals in our classes as well.

Please, fill out the Church School Registration Form 2019-2020. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Natalie Leva.

Vacation Church School 2019

For three mornings, twelve children, three babies, nine adults (Thank you, especially, to Natalie Leva, Erica Fernadez, and Kh. Alyssa’s mom!), and two teenagers gathered together for a time of fun, learning, and growing in our faith. Through games, crafts, stories, and discussions, we learned about the 12 Great Feasts, prayer, and being in church together. Additionally, care packages (each including a kid-made prayer box, a kid-made frame with icons of each of the 12 Great Feasts, and some summer fun items) were created and sent to two of our adopted seminarian families. Also, 20 “Blessings Bags” were made, assembled, and delivered to the Bourne Police Station. (Each “Blessings Bag” was made from an old t-shirt and filled with water & a snack, a coloring book & crayons, small toys, a toothbrush & toothpaste, a kid-made cross necklace, and other personal care items. Police officers will have these bags on-hand to give to children who are found to be in crisis situations.) Please see the posted pictures from these enriching three days!

Vacation Church School 2019 Registration

Vacation Church School 2019 Registration is open!!! All children ages 9 and under are welcome to join us for this fun, faith-filled experience July 30-August 1 (9:00 AM – 11:30 AM). Children 4 and under will need an adult to stay and participate. Please see the registration form below for more information.

All registration forms are due by Sunday, July 21. Registration donation: $30 for one child; $50 for two children; $60 for three or more children.

Volunteers are still needed. Please see Kh. Alyssa if you are willing and able to help with this enriching program!

Download Registration Form